Green infrastructure solutions for solving Beira’s Storm water problems


The project seeks to solve storm water problems in low lying areas of Beira by using green infrastructure solutions and by applying the ecosystems approach and stakeholder participation.


Beira city is facing several challenges including economic and population growth resulting in substantial demand for land. However, urban development is poorly regulated and settlements in flood prone areas without basic infrastructure. Increasing demand on space in the delta area where Beira is situated require an integral water management approach. A green adaptation strategy fits in such an approach.  The aim of the project was to allow stakeholders in Beira to see for themselves, understand and gain confidence in the idea that green infrastructure helps them to tackle their water difficulties and other problems. The participatory approach used at the inception phase to support the aim of the project by including the relevant stakeholders in the development and management of Green Infrastructure. Therefore, we convened a workshop with the municipal participants to propose green infrastructure measures, assess Beira’s Green infrastructure and its functions and discuss options. Moreover we organized meetings with Citizen Committee of the Chota area (Pilot project area). Working with one another (as stakeholders) and with help they engaged in the exploration, design and calculation of options for their own area. On the basis of the workshop, we have made a first analysis about the framework of a sustainable city Beira. It helped to understand the strategic issues which Beira is facing and to focus the content of the development of the green infrastructure to sustainable city of Beira


The partners involved in this project included Deltares, Alterra, Witteveen+Bos and Wissing as the Dutch partners and the Catholic University of Beira in Mozambique as the local partner. We conducted the project in close collaboration with all relevant, local stakeholders in Beira, including the municipal authority of Beira. Engineering and Upscaling (WiBo),(Wissing).


  • Master plan Beira 2035
  • : Laura Basco Carrera