MODSIM’21: Participatory Modelling workshop on Friday 10-Dec-2021 9 pm Sydney/ADST time

Title: “Promoting participatory modelling among stakeholders: methods, case studies and tools”
Goal: Online group discussion for collaborative paper writing
Organisers: Sondoss Elsawah, Nagesh Kolagani, Alexey Voinov:

Zoom link:

The popularity of participatory modelling (PM) has grown considerably in recent years with the acknowledgement that the inclusion of stakeholders and a variety of scientific perspectives are required to improve our understanding of social-ecological systems and current environmental problems. Stakeholder participation is especially important to promote wise decision making and to make sure that science is appropriately guided by societal needs. This workshop, connected to MODSIM session I6, will focus on methodological advances and case studies of various PM applications to promote their adoption across various application areas. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we hope to distil current trends in the field and move towards answering various questions that are being raised, possibly with help from other fields.