NAIAD – Nature Based Solutions and Insurance Value of Ecosystems, Europe

NAIAD aims to operationalise the insurance value of ecosystems for water-related risk mitigation, by developing and testing concepts, tools and applications on 9 demo sites across Europe, under the common concept of Nature Based Solutions (NBS). At the core of the project is the physical and socio-economic analysis of demos sites, supported with complex modelling and forecast activities, which will, in cooperation with the insurance sector, strive to propose NBS as technically sound and financially viable option for investors at local level and higher and especially for the insurance sector.

Participatory modelling is in the core of NAIAD. A wide range of physical, social, economic and financial models are co-developed, co-designed and used in each of the DEMOS to evaluate possible NBS for mitigating water-related risks, such as floods and droughts. The most predominant methods and tools used are: Group Model Building and System Dynamics, Social Network Analysis, Agent-based modelling, serious gaming, scenario exploratory analysis, meta-modelling and interactive modelling.

Stakeholders involved include river basin authorities (project leader), ministries and public agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, civil society organizations, farmers and cooperatives, citizens, as well as the private sector (insurance sector).

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  • : Eskedar Gebremedhin, Tiaravanni Hermawan, Patricia Trambauer, Monica Altamirano, Marta Faneca
  • : Maria Manez, Raffaele Giordano, Jean-Marc Tacnet, Guillaume Piton, Nora van Cauwenbergh, Mark Mulligan, Elena Lopez Gunn
  • : European Commission
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