Design and Calculate

The project aims at further development of the Design Evaluation Tool, a proof of concept of which was developed in 2017. Currently, the project focusses on evaluation and comparison of design proposals (expressed in the form of drawings) in terms of their performance on watermanagement criteria. In the future DEEVA should also accomodate evaluation of design drawings against other criteria, by using calculation models from other fields of expertise, e.g. ecological development, sediment management etc. The overarching aim of DEEVA is to facilitate smooth communication in participatory spatial planning processes and to support knowledge exchange among participants.

Intermediate role DEEVA-tool



  • : Deltares, independent research institute for water and subsurface; Delft, NL
  • : Bureau MAAN, urbanism, architecture and art; Rotterdam, NL; Nelen & Schuurmans, water management, data and model management; Utrecht, NL; Waterboard 'Delfland'; Delft; NL Waterboard 'Hollands Noorderkwartier'