Session proposals for iEMSs 2024 (June 23–27) in Michigan State University

We are organizing a stream on participatory modeling and decision making at iEMSs 2024 (June 23–27) in Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA ( This stream through its various sessions seeks to bring together academic experts, action researchers and practitioners to explore recent developments in participatory decision making, modelling, design and research to solve complex problems of today. We will focus on questions related to:
– The latest trends in participatory research,
– The role that AI and Machine Learning can play in advancing participatory methods,
– How to organize, support and promote stakeholder participation,
– How diversity among stakeholder groups can help, and
– Related areas.
If you would like to organize a session on a related topic of your interest, the proposal submission is due by 30 April 2023: Please contact Nagesh Kolagani at if any questions.