The MissABMS 2022 session  will be held

  • from August 29 to September 9, 2022 (2 weeks, in classroom) in Montpellier, France at Agropolis International.
  • By taking part in this course, you will gain a modelling culture and learn the different skills required for building agent-based models (ABMs) applied to sociological, ecological, or socio-ecological systems.
  • Key points
    • MISS-ABMS is multi-cultural in terms of background and nationalities of the trainers and participants
    • MISS-ABMS promotes a collaborative practice of modelling and simulation
    • MISS-ABMS is multi-platform: Cormas, Gama or NetLogo can be choosen
    • MISS-ABMS presents the different stages of an ABM process, with a focus on model design and implementation
    • MISS-ABMS offers a significant time for group work to design and implement an ABM (see the leaflet or watch the presentation video).
  • For who
    • Each year we enjoy having participants with very heterogeneous profiles in terms of age, nationality, scientific background and experience in modelling or coding. Beginners in ABM who are planning to participate in a modelling project in the months following the training are welcomed.
    • If you have any concern regarding your participation, feel free to ask at:
  • Information and registration