Participate in Survey on Creating Quantifiable Metrics

Dear PM COP member,

I hope you and yours are well during this difficult time. Michigan State University, Food Plus Detroit and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint are currently engaged in an exploratory research study that seeks to understand how to translate qualitative values related to ‘food futures’ that are created by community stakeholders into quantifiable metrics for assessment and modeling. Making the transition from qualitative values we learned from community focus groups to quantitative metrics is not an easy one, but it is very important to the success of community-based modeling efforts. Even though you may not work in food specifically this exploratory research will give insight into narrowing the qualitative/quantitative divide which is important to all community-based modelers. 

Therefore, we are asking for your support in guiding us through this process by completing a survey about how modelers think about quantifiable metrics and measureability. We are starting with a series of value statements that were generated through a visioning process with urban food system stakeholders. In the survey, you will be presented with 16 food system value statements, and then we will ask for your feedback to determine a good metric to measure each of these values. We are also interested in your opinions about how feasible it is to measure each metric and your knowledge of the availability of required data. The findings will allow us to understand how different groups interpret these values and how to best approach translating qualitative concepts into quantifiable metrics.


The survey will be open from until May 11th and will take approximately 20 minutes. Please find the survey here:

If you have concerns or questions about this study, please contact the lead researcher:

Steven A. Gray 
Phone Number: 646-915-2915
Michigan State University, 
151 Natural Resources Building, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA