Participatory Data Collection and Modelling in Tanzania for Flood Risk Management


This project seeks to enhance disaster management through updating preparedness policies and programs with the key stakeholders.


Dar Es Salaam is a city prone to regular flooding aggravated by solid waste accumulation in the drainage network. As Dar Es Salaam and other comparable urban centres develop very rapidly, the need to enhance disaster management through updating preparedness policies and programmes increase, in particular in flood-prone areas in the city.

To support the purpose of the project, the participatory modelling approach was used in which stakeholders were engaged in data collection and the flood model (D-Flow- Flexible Mesh) development. Accordingly, we convened a meeting of the key stakeholders in Dar es Salaam. The target audience were governmental institutions at national and urban level as well as vulnerable groups such as communities at risk. The stakeholders were engaged in two main groups, the mapping group and the modelling group. Roles, timing of activities, partnership development arrangements and capacity development were some of the elements that defined the process. The last important element of the approach was computer-based models and tools. The D-Flow- Flexible Mesh open access software was used for the interactive development of the flood model. The participation extends to the co-development of the flood model, as well as in the verification, validation of the model results and the generation of a flood risk maps of the area.

The participation of stakeholders in collecting data and jointly developing and validating the model enhanced trust and ownership of the model, tools and flood risk maps. This sense of trust and ownership is a key importance for the formulation of potential preparedness interventions for effective disaster response.


The partners involved in this project including Deltares, University Amsterdam (UV Institute for environmental studies), World Resources Initiative, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCCC), Nelen & Schuurmans as the Dutch partners. We conducted the project in close collaboration with all relevant, local stakeholders in Tanzania including Ministry of Water Resources, Dar es Salaam City Council (DSCC), Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Board (W/RBWB), Tanzania Methorological Agency, Ardhi University (AU), University of Dar es Salaam, Manzese Ward, Tanzanian Red Cross Society (TRCS), Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and members of local communities.


  • A flood model for a district in Dar es Salaam and a set of flood risk maps.
  • : Laura Basco Carrera