Participatory modelling for adaptive coastal management in Small Islands


The project seeks to provide with the tools and knowledge that can improve coastal management in Small Islands.


Small Island States around the globe are very susceptible to natural disasters. These effects are exacerbated by global climate change, climate variability and sea level rise. As their population, agricultural land and infrastructure tend to be concentrated in the coastal zone, any rise in sea level will have significant and profound effects on their economies and living conditions. Consequently, Small Island States are particularly vulnerable to the pervasive impact of natural disasters on their populations, environments and economies. For these reasons, the best way to support the socio-economic development of those islands is to develop simple and freely-available tools and knowledge notes downloadable from a website and combined with targeted capacity building actions.

The participatory modelling approach aims to support the study of these challenges and it focused on the collective learning about the concepts of adaptive coastal management under uncertainties (e.g. climate change, global economy) and mediation by learning the basics of negotiation between different solutions.


The partners involved in this project included Deltares, Water Partnership Group, Small Island State Initiative (SISRI), GFDRR (The World Bank).  


  • Website provides downloadable simple and free-of licence tools and tutorials for the assessment of simple coastal engineering problems and solutions.
  • : Laura Basco Carrera