Research Interests
Todd BenDor Ecosystem service markets, ecological restoration, environmental policy, wetland and stream mitigation, system dynamics, agent-based modeling, environmental conflict, systems thinking, coastal resilience
Steven Gray Fisheries, Marine Conservation, Systems Thinking, Social-ecological Systems, Systems Modeling, Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping, Mental Models, Integrated Modeling
Sheila Ball groundwater, modelling, conjunctive water use, water quality, water resources management
Rebecca Jordan Reasoning about science, public understanding of science, participatory modeling, citizen science
Ravi Gorripati Participatory GIS, Participatory Modeling, System Dynamics, Agent Based Modeling
Raimo P. Hämäläinen Behavioural issues and biases in modelling and decision support, Multi-criteria decision making, Decision processes, Systems Thinking and Systems Intelligence, Agent based modelling, Behavioural Operational Research
Pierre Glynn behavioral biogeochemistry, integrated modeling, participatory modeling and citizen science, adaptive management, science & policy, natural capital accounting.
Pierre Bommel Participatory methods for agent-based models and simulations for participatory management of renewable resources. I am in charge of the development of the CORMAS platform:
Nga Nguyen ABM, SNA, Spatial data analysis Forestry, agriculture, environment, natural resources management Behavior change
Nagesh Kolagani Participatory GIS, Participatory Modelling, Spatial Data Analytics