PM CoP ‘experience exchange’ webinar

We invite you to join our September ‘experience exchange’ webinar. This is an informal meeting where CoP members can share their insights from their PM practice or ask for suggestions from the community. 

Our first webinar will be on 7th of September, 8 a.m. UTC. We will have 7-10 min introductory talks from our two speakers and continue with extended discussion with all the other attendees. 

Our first speaker Nagesh Kolagani (Centurion University, India) will elaborate on his experience of using participatory mapping with farming communities in rural India.

Our second speaker Peter Dupen (University of Technology Sydney, H2Onestly Consultancy, Australia) will share his understanding on what should be considered in designing records for engagement and decision-making in a participatory context. There are a range of objectives for such records, but the central one is to allow learnings from each engagement to be systematically captured for later reuse and/or evaluation.

We want this webinar to become a starting point for fruitful discussions and exchange of expertise among PM CoP members.

Join us via Zoom.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send to