This page is to provide links to various participatory modeling projects in the past and in the making

Title Summary
Design and Calculate

Deltares, independent research institute for water and subsurface; Delft, NL

The project aims at further development of the Design Evaluation Tool, a proof of concept of whic

Ganga River Basin Planning Project, India

Kees Bons

The project ”Analytical Work and Technical Assistance to support Strategic Basin Planning for Gan

ROADAPT: Roads for today, adapted for tomorrow

Laura Basco Carrera


Participatory Data Collection and Modelling in Tanzania for Flood Risk Management

Laura Basco Carrera


Addressing salt water intrusion and land subsidence for urbanized deltas In the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

Laura Basco Carrera


Collaborative modelling for National Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) planning in the Philippines

Laura Basco Carrera

Summary: Using collaborative modelling for IWRM planning in Philippines


Participatory modelling for adaptive coastal management in Small Islands

Laura Basco Carrera

Summary: Using participatory modelling for Coastal management in Small Islands


AZURE: groundwater modelling of central Netherlands

Laura Basco Carrera

Summary: Using AZURE model to improve sustainable water use and safety under the changing climate

Green infrastructure solutions for solving Beira,s Storm water problems

Laura Basco Carrera

Summary: Using participatory modelling to solve storm water problems in Beira.

Sustainable behaviors in agriculture: Modeling societal transitions from individual decision making

Nga Nguyen, Alexey Voinov

In the context of climate change, global increase in production as well as consumption of limited