Title Brief Summary Brief Summary
A short video on PM from Eleanor Sterling Feb 16, 2018 A short video on use of PM from Eleanor Sterling, Chief Conservation Scientist, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History Video
A short video on PM from Renee Wallace Feb 14, 2018 A short video on use of PM in Flint,Michigan about a serious compromise in their water quality, from Renee Wallace, Food Plus Detroit and Doers Consulting. Video
ComMod website Oct 28, 2016 Since 2000, some researchers working in the field of renewable resource management have been using various tools, particularly Agent-Based Models and Role-Playing Games, to tackle issues regarding decision processes, common property, co-ordination among actors, etc. Dealing with models and games has been a mean to cross disciplines boundaries and to acknowledge the complex nature of the systems under study. This choice led them to formalise their relation to modelling within the companion modelling approach. Misc
System Dynamics Society website Oct 27, 2016 More information about system dynamics, one approach that can be used for participatory modeling