ROADAPT: Roads for today, adapted for tomorrow


To prioritize adaptation measures in order to maximize availability of the road infrastructure with reasonable costs.


Since road infrastructure is vital to society, climate change calls for timely adaptation. However there are great uncertainties involved in both the projections of future climate as well as their effects on the road infrastructure and related socio-economic developments. In the meantime, there was a constant need for decisions and development of the road transport system.

The ROADAPT project is part of the CEDR Call 2012 ‘Road owners adapting to climate change. The call states that one of the most important tasks of the road owners is the prioritization of measures in order to maximize availability within reasonable costs. This includes a risk based approach addressing cause, effect and consequence of weather related events to identify the top risks that require action with mitigating measures. In this respect the RIMAROCC framework (Risk Management for Roads in a Changing Climate) has been developed within ERA NET ROAD in 2011A founded first impression of climate (change) risks plus an action plan for adaptation is assessed in the QuickScan, by bringing all available knowledge, information and especially experiences of stakeholders together in three workshops. During implementation of the QuickScan method in the case studies, it was learned that the brainstorming process in the QuickScan method showed to be important in terms of team building. The approach develops awareness on climate change issues, and climate-related risks in general.


The partners involved in this project included Deltares- Netherlands, Statens geotekniska institute (SGI) – Sweden, The Royal Netherlands Meteorological institute (KNMI) and Engineering and consulting services-France (EGI


  •  Five Guidelines on the use of climate change projections, QuickScan approach on climate change risks for roads, detailed vulnerability assessment, socioeconomic impact assessment and an adaptation strategy.
  • : Laura Basco Carrera