Software developer specialized in agent-based modeling and human-computer interfaces

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Computer IT developer-designer specialised in Agent-Based Modelling & human-machine interfaces

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Cirad (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) is recruiting a computer scientist for the SENS joint research unit (Knowledge, Environment and Societies – 60 researchers and 60 PhD students). To promote the sustainable management of natural resources, SENS is developing a companion modelling approach ( to facilitate cooperation between stakeholders and interdisciplinary dialogue. To implement this approach, SENS has created an agent-based modelling (ABM) platform named CORMAS. Its dissemination and the related training activities have resulted in the emergence of an international network of users.
Initially developed under VisualWorks, Cormas runs under Pharo to benefit from the features of this free environment and from its dynamic community. This decision is also based on Pharo’s training dimension, which provides an immersive development experience: the “live programming”.
You will be in charge of:
1) Developing CORMAS in the Pharo environment, in accordance with the strategy established by the steering committee;
2) Ensuring ongoing integration to ensure that the code remains functional as changes are made via GitHub tools. This will involve monitoring the changes proposed by other developers and validating them by means of unit tests;
3) Carrying out ad hoc developments in CORMAS to meet specific requirements for particular projects (through research on the genericity of these tools).
You will also contribute to:
4) Scientific promotion;
5) Developing and updating the platform website;
6) Preparing tutorials;
7) Jointly running training sessions in ABM co-organised by the Joint Research Unit.

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